How to withdraw coins from the bank?

While parking, your funds are remaining in your wallet so that you can dispose them at your discretion, if necessary. MinexBank only displays the balance and your parkings at the address which was linked to it during registration.

However remember that if you move the coins from the address linked to the bank, parking may be canceled.

NOTE: Be careful! If you lose your wallet.dat file (it’s your wallet) you will still see the balance and be able even to park your MNX (thanks to blockchain) in your MinexBank account. However, you won’t be able to use your funds, because coins always remain in a wallet, and not in the bank.

Please make sure you have backed up wallet.dat file in a safe place, preferably offline, e.g. on a flash drive. Also, you can use a more complicated, but reliable option. You can generate a private key and save it in a safe place in a text format. You can even write it on the paper in a good old manner. This method is irreplaceable if your HDD is corrupted or stolen and wallet.dat wasn't saved anywhere else.

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