Why my parking has a Pending status?

If the period of your parking has finished but you still see the Pending status and you have not received the payout, this means that the system needs some time to process the parking.

After processing and receiving necessary blocks for payout the system will create a payment and your parking will have the status changed to Completed. Usually it takes around 10 minutes.

If you wait for quite a long time please contact us at support@minexsystems.com with the address which is linked to your bank account and the parking ID, and we will do our best to help you.

NOTE: You DO NOT SEND any coins to MinexBank and you DO NOT HAVE the coins in the bank. All coins are ALWAYS in you wallet even when you park them. You receive reward, i.e. interest, for keeping the coins in your wallet rather than sending them elsewhere to exchanges, i.e. selling them.

Remember that we do not accept any claims about parking issues if you used third-party wallets.

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