How do I secure my coins?

  1. Keep your computer/laptop and its network connection secure.
  2. Save backup file wallet.dat to an external drive, e.g. flash drive.
  3. Generate private keys for all the addresses where you have any coins.
    Save these in a text file at an external drive, e.g. flash drive, or as a hand-written text in a safe place. The private key will help you to gain access to your addresses and the coins even if you lose your wallet.dat backup file.
  4. Encrypt your wallet.
    NOTE that you will not be able to unlock it back, you will only be able to unlock it for some period of time. Encrypted wallet asks for passphrase when someone, including yourself, tries to send coins or enter any commands in the Console (when creating a private key or importing it, for example).
    You simply enter your passphrase and the time period to unlock the wallet for.

    Unlocking command is entered in Console (menu Help - Debug Window - Console) as follows:

    walletpassphrase XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 60

    walletpassphrase - is a command
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - is your passphrase
    60 - is time in seconds to unlock for

    If you forget your passphrase you cannot restore it, so we recommend to save it in a safe location. We DO NOT store any of your information at our side.
  5. Never send anyone your backup file wallet.dat or private keys.
  6. Never send screenshots where your private key is shown to general group/chat rooms or anyone else including MinexSystems team members.
  7. Members of the Customer Support team would never ask for your backup file or private key.
    If you need to send us the screenshot of some error you get in your wallet and it contains your private key, please erase it (the private key) or darken it in any of the available on-line graphics editors.

    NOTE: If user has lost access to his/her coins as a result of damage or loss of the computer and he/she does not have saved backup files or private keys from the wallet, we will not be able to recover the wallet and the access to the coins.
    We are not responsible for your own actions at your own devices.

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