How do I register at MinexBank?

In order to work with the MinexBank you need to register at website MinexBank according to the instructions below

  1. Open your wallet.
  2. Go to menu File – Receiving Addresses

  3. You can use the address which is a default one created at the first wallet start. Label it MyMinexBank. Then copy it (right click the mouse and choose Copy Address line in the drop-down menu)
    Also you can  create a new receiving address by clicking button +New and label it MyMinexBank. Then copy it (right click the mouse and choose Copy Address line in the drop-down menu)
  4. Go to website
  5. Click Sign Up or the Get Started button. You will see the next screen.
    NOTE the line below: Signing up signifies that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions
  6. Paste the new address you have copied in the MinexCoin Address field.

  7. Create and enter the password for your bank account and confirm it in the line below.

  8. Next step is to confirm the address at the next stage of registration. To do so you should go back to your wallet and go to menu File – Sign Message...

  9. Paste your new address to the first field of the form.
  10. Type in the word minexbank in the second field
  11. Press Sign Message button below.
  12. You will see the code in the thirst line. This is your “signature” for this operation. Copy it.

  13. Get back to the MinexBank and paste the signature to the second line.

  14. Press Confirm button.

If you did everything correctly, MinexBank Dashboard would be shown immediately.

Note: to see the balance you should have coins at the address you have registered the bank with.
The wallet may have several addresses but the MinexBank only "sees" the registered one.
If the coins are located at the different address, for example, you bought some from the exchange or withdrew from ICO or bounty accounts, you can send them to the new one or register the address you received the coins to.

NOTE: You DO NOT SEND any coins to MinexBank and you DO NOT HAVE the coins in the bank. All coins are ALWAYS in you wallet even when you park them. You receive reward, i.e. interest, for keeping the coins in your wallet rather then not sending them elsewhere to exchanges, i.e.  selling them.

Remember that we do not accept any claims about parking issues if you used third-party wallets.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions.

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