How do I send coins to someone and how do I request coins from someone?

How do I send coins to someone?

1. To send coins to some other participant, please, press Send button on the top of the wallet.

2. Enter the recipient’s address in Pay to line. You can copy and paste it from the clipboard (Ctrl + V or using Paste address from the clipboard button, or pick among the existing addresses, if it is not the first transaction for this address, by using the button Choose previously used address)

3. In the next line you can name the wallet you send coins to to add it in your recipients’ list.

4. Next step is to enter a number of coins to be sent. If you wish that the transaction fee was paid by the recipient, tick the box that says Subtract fee from amount on the right of the amount line. Recipient will then receive less MinexCoins than you entered in the amount field.

5. You can also send coins to several recipients at the same time. To do this press button +Add Recipient in the bottom of the form after you entered all details for the first recipient. If multiple recipients are selected, the fee will split equally.

6. After you fill in all the fields press Send button below.

7. The coins will be sent right away and received immediately, but the recipients will be able to use them after receiving 6 confirmations of the transaction from the blockchain.

NOTE: Fee is set by the sender, we recommend to set it at 0.00020000 MNX/Kb.

How do I request coins from someone?

To receive coins you can create a request at the Receive tab on the top. All fields in this tab are optional except for the Amount.

The interesting feature of the wallet is that you can create a request for receiving coins for accidentally generated address. This is made due to security reasons to avoid showing your address around the Internet.

However you can also use some of the existing addresses. To do so you should tick the box under the Message line before you press Request Payment button.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions.

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