Is this wallet safe?

We strongly recommend you to backup your wallet once you downloaded and installed it. The file’s name is usually “wallet.dat”. Copy the file to some safe location, for example, flash-drive. We would also advise that you re-do the backup from time to time, especially when you receive a large number of coins, in order to secure your coins additionally.

You might need this file if you want to move your wallet from one computer to another, if you need to reinstall the OS, etc. This way you can also use your wallet in different systems, i.e. copy the wallet.dat file to your desktop with the Win 64, to your laptop with the Mac OS and your Android app (in future) and have the possibility to work with the MinexBank from each of the devices.

NOTE: If user has lost access to his/her coins as a result of damage or loss of the computer and he/she does not have saved backup files or private keys from the wallet, we will not be able to recover the wallet and the access to the coins.
We are not responsible for your own actions at your own devices.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions.

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