Where can I find and download the wallet?

You can download the wallet at our official website.

To choose the wallet for your OS you should scroll the web page down until you see the buttons Download MinexWallet. Currently, there are wallets for Win 64 bit, Win 32 bit, Linux and Mac OS.

Wallets are downloaded as archived (zipped) files. When you download one, you should unzip it and see 4 files inside the folder.

To open the wallet you should click minexcoin-qt (for Windows systems), minexcoin.sh (see guide for Linux systems) and Minexcoin-Core.dmg (for Mac OS). Note, for some Mac OS versions also works minexcoin-qt.

If the file does not open and shows error, this usually means that it has not been unzipped properly or unzipping is in progress.

NOTE for Windows users: there is no installation process as we know it from Windows programs, so you can only get a desktop icon if you open the wallet and pin it to the taskbar with the right-click of your mouse.

NOTE: You should not try to start wallet.dat file, it is not executable and is actually a system file for the wallet. It is not an icon to start the wallet with.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions.

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